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    In Studio Training Packages

    Each client is encouraged to create and embrace their own atmosphere in Dynamic Training. The phrase “It’s Personal” really will apply to all aspects of training so that a unique, fun, motivating and customized training session will take place.

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    Nutritional Packages

    Along with physical training, the importance of proper nutrition is essential to obtain goals. Just like individualized workout programs, each nutritional plan is catered to the clients schedule, lifestyle, budget and overall liking.

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    Online Services

    Individualized programs for clients who travel or do not reside in the Albuquerque area can still receive services from Dynamic Training!

Happy Clients of the Gym

  • 2014 NANBF Washington State Natural

    In 2009 I decided to do my first natural bodybuilding show and it was Max that first inspired me to compete as I had no knowledge of natural bodybuilding or even knew it existed. I had always been a fan…

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    Andrew Pietraszewski

  • amber-photo3

    I met Maxwell Bohlman in 2011 and had absolutely no interest in getting fit. I was an unconfident, newly divorced, overweight single mother to a baby (C-section delivery), working full time and taking online college courses. Maxwell motivated me through…

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    Amber Castro

  • nick-photo1

    In 2010 when I first started weightlifting, I had no idea what I was doing. I was able to pick up a few things here and there about what exercises I should be doing and what foods I should be…

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    Nicholas Castro

All Our Services and Advantages

  • Weight Resistance Training

    Everyone’s body is composed of the exact same muscles. Although bone structure, muscle density, shape and size are all different, weight resistance training is the first step of developing your muscular structure. The size, development and density of your muscle…

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  • Strength Training

    With the attaining of more developed muscle, strength comes with it. By having a specific “strength training split” designed for you, the ability to get stronger will occur. If you want to increase or maintain your muscular size, strength training…

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  • Athletic Training

    Agility, conditioning, flexibility and muscular endurance are some of the fundamental concepts that help develop a great athlete. By combining all four compounds with constant workout variety, anyone can improve their athletic performance. Whether it be youth football, high school…

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  • Weight Loss

    For some, the main reason for getting into the gym is to lose weight and the thought of adding muscle or “bulking” during that period can be intimidating. With weight loss designed training programs, you will be able to develop…

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  • Youth Training

    Most parents, and sometimes adolescents themselves, often ask the question, “When can I start working out?” The real definitive answer is, “Being active and healthy can occur at all ages.” With proper teaching on form, muscular control and overall activity…

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  • Bodybuilding/Figure/Physique/Bikini Training

    Although not everyone’s goal is to get on a competition stage to showcase their physique, for those that wish to train for a competition (or prepare as if they were going to do a competition) Dynamic Training specializes in what…

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Personalized for You

Personalized Programs

At Dynamic Training, clients are provided with professional and personalized programs to accommodate their specific goals. Whether the objective is to lose weight and gain muscle or increase strength while maintaining conditioning, Dynamic Training caters to individual’s expectations and provides the tools needed to exceed them.
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Not every client’s goal is going to be the exact same (weight loss, attaining muscle, better health, etc), which is why individualized workout sessions will be done for every client. By having a custom training split/routine catering to your specific goals, the discovery of what works for you will get the results YOU want.
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