2014 NANBF Washington State Natural

Andrew Pietraszewski

In 2009 I decided to do my first natural bodybuilding show and it was Max that first inspired me to compete as I had no knowledge of natural bodybuilding or even knew it existed. I had always been a fan of bodybuilding but I was unwilling and still am unwilling to take unnatural means to achieve that physique.

Max had told me about the Copper Classic a natural bodybuilding show in Southern Arizona. He had placed in that competition a year before. I had told him I wanted to do it and he was more than willing to guide me there from diet to posing.

Max proved that he is one of the most knowledgeable and caring coaches in the business. He got me dialed in for the show and led me to a physique that I thought was unachievable. So well that I won the Copper Classic Overall Men’s Bodybuilding Title, in my first show!!

He pushed me in perfecting my posing every week and was there back stage with me to tan me and guide me in my food intake. I couldn’t ask for a better coach on guiding me through the process and on show day.

Without Max I would not be where I am today personally and professionally. I just recently won my IFPA pro card and Max created a posing routine for me that was unbelievable. Without his guidance in my first show I would have never have been able to finally call myself an IFPA Natural Pro Bodybuilder. It all began with him and I am thankful that I can not only call him a great coach but a great friend.


Todd Elsbery

With my work and eating schedule, attaining and maintaining muscle can be very difficult. With my profession in the military, it is important to be in excellent cardio vascular shape as well as strong. Unfortunately, it can be hard to have both. And on top of that, injuries from previous deployments or surgeries can hinder both. When I first started training with Max, he was aware of surgeries I have had which have limited a lot of movements I was able to do in the gym (elbow’s affected bench press, knees affected lunging movements, lower back affected dead lifts, etc). To him, they were just obstacles that needed to be learned about then overcome. By having Max remain patient and intense with my training, my strength and muscular size has drastically improved in areas that I never thought I’d get back. Not just that, but my cardiovascular shape still remained in excellent condition despite my increase in body weight (good lean weight). I always had the association that with high amounts of running and rucking, getting bigger was damn near impossible. Max was able to influence me greatly with the importance of proper nutrition so that my body stayed lean, got more muscular and remained healthy. As I said, being strong and in great physical shape is dependent on keeping me and the guys next to me alive out in the field. Max has a passion for this, he really does. His intensity and pure focus on every one of my reps (no matter what movement we were doing or the amount of weight on the bar) has guided me constantly to be bigger, better and stronger. HOOAH!

-Service Length: 16 years (currently serving)
-Rank: Master Sergeant


Amber Castro

I met Maxwell Bohlman in 2011 and had absolutely no interest in getting fit. I was an unconfident, newly divorced, overweight single mother to a baby (C-section delivery), working full time and taking online college courses. Maxwell motivated me through one of his body building shows to start taking my health seriously. I was in pain often, whether it was headaches due to eating poorly or just being uncomfortable in my own skin. Unhappy with my appearance, I asked Max for guidance. He told me I was capable of building my body back better than ever before and that it would be beneficial to mine and my son’s overall health. My excuse for not taking my physical health seriously was the ever so popular “there isn’t enough time in the day.” He wrote up a plan for me that was practical to mine and my son’s schedule. I followed his workouts and within 12 weeks I had lost 15 lbs and was wearing a size 2! Hungry for more, I asked Max to help me with my nutrition. I love following the IIFYM flexible dieting plan that he organized for me. The knowledge and inspiration that Max has passed onto me has literally changed my life. Today, I am a fit and happy single mother that has taken on a lifestyle that I never thought I could achieve. I recommend Dynamic Training to anyone who wants to transform their body and mind! Thank you Max for not allowing me to quit when I was tired or stopped believing in myself…you are a true testament to Philippians 4:13! “CABOOM!”


Nicholas Castro

In 2010 when I first started weightlifting, I had no idea what I was doing. I was able to pick up a few things here and there about what exercises I should be doing and what foods I should be eating. However, a lot of it just turned out to be a bunch of “broscience,” or, in other words, misconceptions and questionable information about proper diet and exercise. Fortunately, I was able to meet Max who possessed extensive knowledge, and insightful tips and tools to help dispel some of the broscience, and get me closer to achieving my fitness goals. In 2013 I took it upon myself to abide by a diet plan that Max had helped me create, and followed him in an exercise routine on a regular basis. Both the diet and exercise routine were challenging; however, they were tailored to fit my lifestyle in such a way that allowed for success. Working with Max definitely helped get me closer to achieving my fitness goals, which includes one day stepping on stage for a bodybuilding competition.