workout imagePersonalized for you

Not every client’s goal is going to be the exact same (weight loss, attaining muscle, better health, etc), which is why individualized workout sessions will be done for every client. By having a custom training split/routine catering to your specific goals, the discovery of what works for you will get the results YOU want.

In Studio Training Packages

Each client is encouraged to create and embrace their own atmosphere in Dynamic Training. The phrase “It’s Personal” really will apply to all aspects of training so that a unique, fun, motivating and customized training session will take place.

  • Fully interactive and motivating session with trainer
  • Sessions scheduled as best possible convenience
  • 24 hours cancellation or rescheduling is required
  • NO CONTRACTS (safety waiver must be signed)
  • Packages must be paid in full


Private Sessions

Private sessions allow 100% focus from the trainer to the client to aid and teach in specific movements. Clients are encouraged to create a playlist or bring a CD of music THEY like would like to listen to while they train!


Group Sessions (2-4 people for 60 Minute Session)

Group sessions are created to allow friends, couples or colleagues to work out with a trainer together. By having someone you go with and not just the trainer motivating you, a bond is created that allows the obtaining of a goal to be that much more enjoyable.

Session Pricing

8 Sessions at 30 Minutes (Seasonal Deal)
  • Quick for the Time Constrained
  • Fast Paced
  • High Intensity
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$200 per month
8 Sessions at 45 Minutes (Seasonal Deal)
  • Designed for Beginner-Intermediate Level
  • Moderate Pace
  • Allows for More Variety of Exercises
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$225 per month
8 Sessions at 60 Minutes (Seasonal Deal)
  • Designed for Any Experience Level
  • Combination of Slow, Moderate, Fast Pace
  • Number 1 Recommended
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$320 per month
8 Group Sessions (2-4 people) (Seasonal Deal )
  • 2-4 people for 8 private 45 minute sessions
  • Great for friends or coworkers that want to train together at the same time in the same enviroment
  • Involves weight training with cardiovascular exercise
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$210 per person per month