In 2009 I decided to do my first natural bodybuilding show and it was Max that first inspired me to compete as I had no knowledge of natural bodybuilding or even knew it existed. I had always been a fan of bodybuilding but I was unwilling and still am unwilling to take unnatural means to achieve that physique.

Max had told me about the Copper Classic a natural bodybuilding show in Southern Arizona. He had placed in that competition a year before. I had told him I wanted to do it and he was more than willing to guide me there from diet to posing.

Max proved that he is one of the most knowledgeable and caring coaches in the business. He got me dialed in for the show and led me to a physique that I thought was unachievable. So well that I won the Copper Classic Overall Men’s Bodybuilding Title, in my first show!!

He pushed me in perfecting my posing every week and was there back stage with me to tan me and guide me in my food intake. I couldn’t ask for a better coach on guiding me through the process and on show day.

Without Max I would not be where I am today personally and professionally. I just recently won my IFPA pro card and Max created a posing routine for me that was unbelievable. Without his guidance in my first show I would have never have been able to finally call myself an IFPA Natural Pro Bodybuilder. It all began with him and I am thankful that I can not only call him a great coach but a great friend.