I met Maxwell Bohlman in 2011 and had absolutely no interest in getting fit. I was an unconfident, newly divorced, overweight single mother to a baby (C-section delivery), working full time and taking online college courses. Maxwell motivated me through one of his body building shows to start taking my health seriously. I was in pain often, whether it was headaches due to eating poorly or just being uncomfortable in my own skin. Unhappy with my appearance, I asked Max for guidance. He told me I was capable of building my body back better than ever before and that it would be beneficial to mine and my son’s overall health. My excuse for not taking my physical health seriously was the ever so popular “there isn’t enough time in the day.” He wrote up a plan for me that was practical to mine and my son’s schedule. I followed his workouts and within 12 weeks I had lost 15 lbs and was wearing a size 2! Hungry for more, I asked Max to help me with my nutrition. I love following the IIFYM flexible dieting plan that he organized for me. The knowledge and inspiration that Max has passed onto me has literally changed my life. Today, I am a fit and happy single mother that has taken on a lifestyle that I never thought I could achieve. I recommend Dynamic Training to anyone who wants to transform their body and mind! Thank you Max for not allowing me to quit when I was tired or stopped believing in myself…you are a true testament to Philippians 4:13! “CABOOM!”