With my work and eating schedule, attaining and maintaining muscle can be very difficult. With my profession in the military, it is important to be in excellent cardio vascular shape as well as strong. Unfortunately, it can be hard to have both. And on top of that, injuries from previous deployments or surgeries can hinder both. When I first started training with Max, he was aware of surgeries I have had which have limited a lot of movements I was able to do in the gym (elbow’s affected bench press, knees affected lunging movements, lower back affected dead lifts, etc). To him, they were just obstacles that needed to be learned about then overcome. By having Max remain patient and intense with my training, my strength and muscular size has drastically improved in areas that I never thought I’d get back. Not just that, but my cardiovascular shape still remained in excellent condition despite my increase in body weight (good lean weight). I always had the association that with high amounts of running and rucking, getting bigger was damn near impossible. Max was able to influence me greatly with the importance of proper nutrition so that my body stayed lean, got more muscular and remained healthy. As I said, being strong and in great physical shape is dependent on keeping me and the guys next to me alive out in the field. Max has a passion for this, he really does. His intensity and pure focus on every one of my reps (no matter what movement we were doing or the amount of weight on the bar) has guided me constantly to be bigger, better and stronger. HOOAH!

-Service Length: 16 years (currently serving)
-Rank: Master Sergeant